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Tesla's True Wireless and HAARP






Tesla's True Wireless and HAARP
Everything You Know is Wrong
by Michael Theroux

We recently received a new booklet edited by George Trinkaus entitled, Tesla — The True Wireless which is a reprint of Nikola Tesla's June, 1919 article in the Electrical Experimenter. The article is an extension of Tesla's previous work of that year entitled "Famous Scientific Illusions" (reprinted in Borderlands, Vol. 44, No. 1, January-February 1988) in which Tesla outlines the differences between his wireless technology and that of academic convention. We would in most cases have simply listed this booklet with the rest of the reviews but we felt it necessary to highlight the work for several reasons. "The True Wireless" is one of the most important of Tesla's articles in that he explains in great detail HIS system of wireless. Also, this document, in his own words, smashes currently held beliefs about so-called "Tesla Technology".

Written some years after his Wardencliff Project, Tesla explains the inefficiency and limitations of the Hertzian method of electromagnetic propagation (through the air) with great clarity — and that his system of wireless which was vastly more effective, utilised the ground itself for propagation. Tesla states, "Properly constructed, my system [of wireless] is safe against static and other interference, and the amount of energy which may be transmitted is billions of times greater than with the Hertzian which has none of these virtues..." He explains in particular, with several analogs in diagrammatic representation, his single-wire-without-return system — the heart of Tesla's radio and wireless power systems.

While this article is probably the most compendious of all of Tesla's attempts to publicly describe his wireless system, it also contains statements which radically challenge the orthodoxy of radio — a system of radio that has gone unchallenged as such to the present day. These particular statements made by Tesla virtually destroy many currently held beliefs — that certain new technologies (usually purported to be sinister in nature) were developed from Tesla technology itself. Let us quote one of the more significant statements made by Tesla in this article:

"In Fig. 13 a transmitter is shown radiating space waves of considerable frequency. It is generally believed that these waves pass along the earth's surface and thus affect the receivers. I can hardly think of anything more improbable than this "gliding wave" theory and the conception of the "guided wireless" which are contrary to all laws of action and reaction. Why should these disturbances cling to a conductor where they are counteracted by induced currents, when they can propagate in all other directions unimpeded?

The fact is that the radiations of the transmitter passing along the earth's surface are soon extinguished, the height of the inactive zone indicated in the diagram, being some function of the wavelength, the bulk of the waves traversing freely in the atmosphere. Terrestrial phenomena which I have noted conclusively show that there is no Heaviside layer, or, if it exists, it is of no effect."

He then goes on to demonstrate the electrical inefficiency of the antenna through simple formulŠ, and details several experiments between Hertzian oscillators and his grounded transmitting circuit. The key here with respect to the current belief that many new technologies are Tesla derived, is that he says, "...there is no Heaviside layer, or, if it exists, it is of no effect." We know the Heaviside layer, later called the ionosphere, is the radio-reflective layer assumed to exist within the upper atmosphere, and is presumed responsible for radio propagation over great distances, i.e. "skip".

Enter HAARP. The assumed notion that the project known as HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) is descended from Tesla's work, is something of an absurdity with reference to Tesla's previous affirmation. Since the HAARP Project's exclusive purpose relies on the existence and function of the ionosphere, and has nothing to do with the grounded circuits of Tesla — it is clearly NOT Tesla technology. This really should have been quite obvious to any researcher or author if they had simply read any of Tesla's work concerning his wireless — even without the bold statements of this 1919 article, but, alas, due the popularity of Tesla, and the recently published books and videos about HAARP, this bogus association between Tesla and HAARP has become "matter of fact" to the misled and uninformed.

Why would these authors writing about the HAARP Project make such gross mistakes — mistakes which destroy the credibility of any other statements they have made concerning the technology? One might suggest that because these people are journalists and movie makers, and not radio technicians or electrical engineers, that we are supposed to forgive their glaring errors. But a good journalist is expected to present the truth as clearly and as disinterested as is possible. And, a good (ethical) journalist would not overlook the facts, in favor of a sensational presentation. Most of the associations today concerning Tesla and sinister military technologies come from later statements made by Tesla — long after his direct involvement in experiment with wireless. Speculations and predictions by Tesla such as microwaves, TV, beam ray technologies (the Tesla Death Ray), cosmic-ray motors, interplanetary communications, and wave-interference devices (the "Tesla Howitzer" and the "Tesla Shield") have been given authority over the actual physical experiments by Tesla. Most of these conjectures were revealed by Tesla in his aging years at "birthday press conferences" as he was shut out by the daily media sometime after 1920. But, these are the statements that so capture the attentions of readers and viewers, and are the ones which the so-called "underground media" gleefully disseminate. Gloom and Doom is the status quo here, and while the truth may be stranger than fiction, it is apparently quite boring.

Many thanks to George Trinkaus for bringing Tesla's article back in print. I might add that the introduction by Mr. Trinkaus is quite good with references and diagrams of his own experiments which prove the Teslian wireless system. I don't know if Mr. Trinkaus was aware that the aforementioned statements by Tesla would with no uncertainty disassemble many fabrications about Tesla technology, but then again he did preface the title of the new booklet with the astute phrase, "Everything You Know is Wrong".

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